Explore Uttarakhand works in ensuring that our travellers are aware of how to travel comfortably, take responsibility of keeping themselves safe and maintain their privacy.

1. Information based on Identity:

1.1) We collect information as a regularity for our registration for certain services provided by us.

1.2) We use this information for two common purposes. One to contact you for further information and the other for services of the package product.

1.3) We use your information if the application (app) needs to be personalised.

1.4) We never sell or rent your personal information to anyone.

1.5) We only share your information with other companies only under these circumstances.

1.5) We only share your information with other companies only under these circumstances.

  1. When we have permission from you to share the information with a specific company.
  2. Share it with our third party in order to respond to your comments, compliments and complaints.
  3. As requested by the Indian or any foreign government, security or defence or revenue regulatory bodies or authorities or agencies or officers who are officiating.
  4. As per the requirement to do so with law or good faith or return to a court order or any legal process directed on Explore Uttarakhand.

1.6) We never use or share your personal information outside the Privacy policy of our company.

1.7) While you are in contact with us on Facebook, we retain your basic information to update you on our services only with your permission.

2. Information based on non-identifiable means:

2.1) We do not share your information about your access, IP address through which you assess this website, time when the website is accessed, windows that are accessed etc.

2.2) We use this information as a feedback for upgrading the website through most accessed window/s of the website. This information is never used or shared by any other individual or company.

3. Cookies:

3.1) Website cookies are usually used as an interactive opportunity for the company when you access.

3.2) On your return to the website, previous information will provide you to retrieve the information and enables to re-sign and allow easy access to the website again.

3.3) As it is now customised by you, your re-entry is quick.

3.4) These cookies are available on your hard disk and are personal.

3.5) Acceptance of these cookies is based on the web-browser used by you for browser setting.

4. External agencies:

4.1) As a developing company and also the nature of the platform of our company, we constantly will have certain services provided by others on our behalf.

4.2) Explore Uttarakhand may offer promotions that are sponsored by or co-sponsored with identified third parties. By virtue of their sponsorship, these third parties may obtain information that you voluntarily submit to participate in the activity. For them to reach you for dispatching a mail or to coordinate with you or get your feedback or deliver any prize that you win etc, they are obliged to use your information with terms of confidentiality and an agreement where it is only on the basis of to know reason.

4.3) We have no control over these third parties use of this information and we encourage you to consult their privacy policies for more information on their respective digital platforms.