Almora: Where Sun turns mountains to gold

Almora is an enchanting hill station, which is settled on a horse saddle-like shaped mountain range. This captivating hill town is one of the revered Pre-British heritages.

Almora is famous worldwide for its rich cultural, magnificent handicrafts, delicious food and beautiful wildlife. Travellers visiting Almora Hill Station cherish its elegant and attractive tourist places with its beautiful memories.

Almora, known worldwide as the gaudy hill station, is situated at an altitude of about 1638 meters above sea level.

The history of the settlement of Almora is associated with the kings Chand and Katyuri. The Katyuri rulers stayed here till the year 1560, but the city started taking its real shape in 1563 under the rule of the Chand kings.

How to Reach Almora? Lets set the plan

The nearest airport to Almora is located at Pantnagar, a place also known for the renowned agricultural university, and it is about 127 km from Almora.

The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, which is 91 km from Almora. Regular trains run from cities like Delhi, Howrah, Bareilly, Rampur etc.

Almora is also very well connected by roads to Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, Nainital and Kathgodam.

What to do in Almora?

Fond of trekking? Then Almora is nirvana for hiking lovers. You can enjoy some beautiful steep treks in and around Almora.

If you have cravings for Pahadi food, then Almora will catch your stomach. One can taste the local food here at the dhabas/restaurants available within the town.

State Museum and Kala Bhavan in Almora will let you know about Indian history and culture. Sufficient material has been stored here for art lovers and history and archaeology enthusiasts.

The Kudind carpet coins kept here are a unique attraction for the tourists visiting here. The Kudinds was an influential and well-known tribal group of northern India. A total of 15 coins of that time are present here.

Only two kilometres from Almora's bus station is Bright End Corner. Nature lovers come from far and wide to see the sight of the rising and setting sun. It was named after Lord Brighton, who was a commissioner of Almora during the British reign in India.

Kasar Devi Temple is about eight kilometres from the city. From here, one can see the high mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Its natural beauty is very pleasing to tourists coming from India and abroad.

Chitta Temple is on the Pithoragarh road, about eight km from the Almora city. It is also called Chitai Golu Devta. The temple has a statue of Golu Devta on horseback with bow and arrow.

Jageshwar Dham, which is 35 km from Almora, is located in the middle of the Deodar forest. In the month of Sawan, a huge fair is held here for a month.

The Katarmal Sun Temple, which holds a special place in the Katyu architecture in North India, is situated on the Almora-Ranikhet motorway, about six thousand meters high.

There is a lot more to adore the picture-perfect hill town, If you wanna know more about any place that you have it on your mind, let us know. For travel queries, write to us.

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