About Explore Uttarakhand.

An online tourism platform developed to provide easy access to all tourists who wish to Explore Uttarakhand.

Explore Uttarakhand is a brand of Three Sixty Holidays Pvt. Ltd, which came into existence in 2012. Ever since company founders Sunil and Harish cametogether, they have been working towards the promotion of Uttarakhand Tourism. The team comprises experienced professionals who take care of the job efficiently. As the company is local and working for a niche, it makes sure of providing authentic information and valuable suggestions to their customers. It is a customer-centric tourism organization that has a single goal to achieve 100% satisfaction from its esteemed clients.

As the company's founders belong to xennials, their overall tourism business model is both conventional and contemporary. This online tourism platform is a blend of marketing and operations, both executed by the company, on its own. We also like to mention that there are many websites that either generate or execute queries, whereas, unlike them, we are the single point of contact to carry out all the jobs. Our idea is to keep you planning, traveling, and enjoy a pleasing experience.

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Why Choose Us?

  • A long journey, since 2012, ensures our experience.
  • A niche area of operation raises our efficiency.
  • An online platform makes us easily accessible.
  • The conventional style of interaction connects us well.
  • A team of qualified and experienced professionals assures our reliability.
  • The local roots supplement our authenticity.

Vision, Mission & Philosophy

our vision

Become a tourism brand of Uttarakhand by following sustainable practices and offering reliable services.

our missions

To provide authentic travel experiences to the visitors of Uttarakhand by being more accessible, professional, and reliable.

our Philosophy

Happiness, create it, celebrate it!